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Anti-Racist Scottish Independence: What is it and Why Does It Matter?

Bill Mair of Solidarity Fife branch, argues his – and Solidarity's - case.


The first motion that was voted through at Solidarity party conference last Saturday sets Solidarity, Scotland's Socialist Movement apart from any other party in Scotland.

The motion, entitled Anti-Racist Scottish Independence, sets out clearly the reasons for the party's stance on independence and more significantly, separates the quest for independence from folklore and history.

We believe that we are the only party to explicitly tie independence to socialism and a better future, cutting all links and references to Scottish history.

"It starts off sounding innocent, when you hear someone saying that Scotland is the best country in the world. It is just patriotism, right? But what does that say about my little brother, born in Kent? Or my friends from Palestine, Poland and Pakistan?" as one delegate argued

We want to say to everyone living in Scotland, regardless of where they or their parents were born, that for Solidarity, Scottish independence is not about being better than any other country or disliking any other people.
It's not about Scots being better than any other people.

It's certainly not, for us as socialists, about Robert the Bruce or some ancient blood feud with a neighbouring nation.

It is about forging a new future free from the UK and its imperialist warmongering, free from its greed, its capitalism, its parochial narrow-mindedness towards refugees, its naked aggression towards disabled people, the unemployed and everyone that capitalism has left behind.

It's about fighting for the chance to build a new and better country - a socialist society, and economy, which prizes equality and a comfortable dignified life for everyone, regardless.

An independent socialist republic of Scotland will take wealth and power from the 1% and redistribute wealth and power to the rest of us, the 99%. We will make the rich poorer so the poor can become richer.

Now, obviously we stress that Scottish history and culture have a legitimate place and we do not condemn anyone for their interest in such pursuits. The motion simply seeks to clarify exactly why we should have independence and what we will do with it when we get it.

There are a number of political parties in the independence campaign but no other has the clear stance adopted by Solidarity on Saturday.

As I said when I moved this motion on Saturday:

In campaigning resolutely for Scottish Independence Solidarity does not campaign for blood and soil and history.

We fight for peace and socialism and the future.


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