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The Point

For socialism, independence, the environment and peace

The Point is an  online magazine written by socialists and progressives who want to see genuine change in Scotland and internationally. We do not argue that there is any one size fits all model of socialism.

We are not an organised political platform and neither do we represent any one political party.

The Point aims to contribute to the development of a progressive politics in Scotland. From our inception, as the Democratic Green Socialist, we argued that the Scottish left will only be credible if it is united. The Point will continue in that tradition.

The past few years have seen difficult times for everyone on the Scottish left. But we face an unprecedented situation internationally and at home, with all the political representatives of capitalism imposing austerity and cuts to make the majority pay for the crisis of their system.

We believe that it is the historic responsibility of all socialists and progressives to try and put aside their differences and work towards genuine left unity. In addition to this, we want to appeal to new layers of activists, young and old, who are fighting for a fairer and more equal society.

We also want to include contributions from and about the artistic, cultural, and scientific communities.

We aim to encourage dialogue with socialists, environmentalists and progressives from across Scotland and beyond, and welcome contributions from writers from different political parties and traditions.

Whilst wary of putting forward an explicit programme it is important to note that The Point is committed to a particular value base and political framework which can be summarised as follows:

  • We support an economy primarily based on democratic public ownership where human needs and wants are put before corporate profit.
  • We believe in promoting a progressive politics which is pragmatic and relevant to the needs of people today.
  • We offer a critical voice to political extremism whether it is of the left or the right. We must not forget that the experience of what some used to call ‘actually existing socialism’ was authoritarian and incompatible with genuine freedom and democracy.
  • We promote internationalism and stand for a red-green environmental politics which offers an alternative discourse to the mainstream political parties.
  • We support a referendum on Scottish independence and will argue that an independent Scotland is a crucial step forward for progressive politics. Our vision of independence is not based on nationalism but is informed by a commitment to bringing democracy closer to ordinary people.
  • The Point wants to contribute to big ideas on the left and in addition we encourage socialists to ‘think outside the box’. We take inspiration from big thinkers in the field of the social sciences, but we are not beholden or confined by any one particular narrative. We believe modern socialism also needs to be informed by other thinkers and disciplines including science, philosophy, psychology and the arts. In all things, we will support a genuine discourse on complex issues and oppose the politics of shibboleth.
  • We work to dissolve false dichotomies between libertarianism and collectivism, recognising that a free, socialist and environmentally stable society can only be guaranteed on the triple basis of social ownership  and control of the major means of production, the widest democracy and accountability, and real human rights.
  • We will do our utmost to promote a (genuine) equalities agenda and stand firmly against any form of discrimination and stereotyping.
  • The Point magazine is inclusive, participatory and encourages people from all backgrounds to consider writing.

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