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Earlier this summer, the Indy Girls took the YES message to T in the Park. Sharon Anderson tells their story.


Being veteran TITP goers, this year was always going to be the place to be for us, in the year that we fight for self-determination. The Summer of Independence was upon us.

The experiences we have all shared in past years, through good times and bad, were our indicator on how this year would was going to pan out. We were going to see old friends, some we only see once a year – at TITP. This year, more than any other, we were desperate to feel the vibe on INDY. To really find out what the people were thinking and feeling, as the media had constantly bombarded them with negativity and attempted to say that we had no right to discuss our futures at a social event.

Haven’t they yet realised it’s OUR lives we are discussing, it’s we who are living in Scotland that will be most affected by the Referendum, so why shouldn’t we talking about it? What is it that is so wrong about expressing opinions, or discussing the massive opportunities for our own future?

The INDY Girls ran with a story back in June to combat the negativity surrounding JK Rowling and others. The NO camp, The Tories, The Labour Party, BBC and other media outlets had only released it to provoke and divide the people. Additionally, the reasons given about why the people of Scotland who are supporting Independence were wrong, were complete rubbish! It was obvious that they hadn’t even had a conversation with a person, face to face, from the YES campaign.

Had they done so, then phrases like fairness, equality, social justice, living wage and children’s futures would have been the words they would have used.  Instead only spite, negativity and lack of belief in our own people were the treats for the day - to many people’s alarm and disappointment.

We attempted to turn our frowns upside down and asked people to get active, to stop listening to the media and to start listening to each other, and we tried to show everyone that we are proud of who we are, and what we stand for!

“Put a Yes on it for TITP” … We posted an Infogram to this effect, and it certainly seemed to work -  there was an abundance of support for Scotland and Independence on the fields of Balado!

No matter what those in power attempt to feed us right now, for the first time in history we are all equal on this issue, we all have one voice, one vote, and one chance to celebrate it. However the NO camp and in general, the media, have no vote, but they are attempting to use their power, money,  scare tactics, and propaganda for their own financial agendas.

Which begs the question - who is falling for these lies and scare stories?

The answer, we found,  was NOT the majority of young people at TITP.

Here’s what we learned there:

In fields with over 90,000 people, there were certainly some NO’s and some people not really bothered either way, but in the majority of people there was a palpable feeling of self-belief, and growing confidence in what our young generation was about achieve. As the weekend continued, so did the growth in confidence and positive communal spirit. There were YESSERS everywhere and as the weekend moved on the number of YESSERS grew and grew.

Arrests were at their lowest ever, no major incidents occurred, and  we had the most peaceful TITP ever -  people came together to talk, to celebrate and exchange visions and ideas that each and every one of us have for an Independent Scotland. It was an experience that will go down as one of the best ever at the event. For the first time we had truly felt the meaning of Festival as the like-minded people who were the YES movement were engaging with others and passing on their self-belief - it was truly infectious!

As Geoff Ellis announces that Strathalan will be a more “Glastonbury” like event next year,  we can only wonder if he had the same experience as we did this year? Did he feel the buzz of electricity that was streaming through the festival goers because we all had something real and worthwhile to discuss with each other?

Did he see the coming together of like-minded people who are the YES movement to talk, sing, dance and celebrate with each other, forming new bonds, and new friends for years to come as we all set the world to rights in the fields of Balado?

Or does he see the huge opportunity that TITP has given all of us in attendance a place for us to celebrate in years to come, and to again forge our spirits and friendships, as it did on that weekend?

Whatever his reason, the man has got it right on the button and next year the cries of “YOU DID IT SCOTLAND!” will be resounding from every artist! They seemed a little quiet this year, but were able to show their support in others ways, and the people who were there got it.

This is not just an INDY Girls Story … there were loads of other people doing exactly the same as we were and having the same experiences as us - having conversations about something better for all of us.

Now, as the attention turns to the Commonwealth Games, the positivity and the self-belief that the people of Scotland have in themselves right now is there for all to see, no matter how much the media try to stamp over it with their constant negativity and sleekit reminders of our Britishness.

The same collective confidence is ripping through Team Scotland and they already equal their biggest gold medal win - only 4 days in! When Dan Wallace punched the air and cried “For freedom” (The Family Motto on his Clan Badge) he was spontaneously feeding off the energy in the crowd, and sensing the amazing bravery and self-belief that is becoming more apparent in us all now, as we turn our backs on those who try to bring us down.

Here’s a challenge for you: If you don’t believe this story then please get yourselves along to any social gathering, sporting event or festival. Many are happening all over Scotland right now, and some of them are free, so no one is excluded. Feel for yourselves the vibe and the positivity … we’ve done our research and we know you will be surprised.

This is, quite simply and honestly, the perspective and experience of The INDY Girls.


Find out more about The Indy Girls at 

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