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Housing benefit changes to hammer working class families

By Richard Ej

Chronic Housing Crisis - UK Welfare Benefits slashed - Demonisation of Claimants


The UK coalition Government is demanding cuts above £21.5 billion to the housing benefit bill. The government says it needs to find more money because of the disgusting amount used in the economic bailout of banks. 

In pursuit of reducing the so-called national deficit, ordinary people must suffer - not the banks.

Within months, tenants across Britain are facing the prospect of being forced to leave their homes or pay out an extra £56-per-month 'bedroom tax' out of benefit payments.

Tenants face crippling debts or forced to relocate as Government plans to deduct housing benefit for each spare bedroom.

Private landlords and local authority councils face a stampede to re-home tenants who will no longer be able to afford their properties. Tenants face soaring rent arrears, which will lead to families being evicted.

Householders will have their housing benefit cut based on the number of empty bedrooms in their home, meaning they have to find an average of £14 a week extra or move to a smaller property.

** A child aged nine or under will have to share with other children under the age of nine, regardless of gender. 

** Children under the age of 15 will have to share bedrooms with siblings of the same gender.

** Single parents who look after their children during holidays or weekends will have to pay extra rent costs or give up the property & move out.

Benefit claimants will end up suffering a lot more mental stress as a result of government imposed changes to housing benefit. 

As a direct result of government policies claimants will be forced into chronic debt, at the same time the government will blame them for the situation they find themselves in. They will continue to refer to them as feral, dropouts, scroungers, workshy - anything to divide communities - it's called the "Blame Game" ! 

Ordinary people will find themselves in severe rent arrears and will lose their homes – people will be forced to live with unsuitable overcrowding.

What we are witnessing is called "Social cleansing", we could easily see for example, a family with two children in a three-bedroom home whose children grow up and leave. The couple will be forced pay extra rent for the property or forced to give up a home they have lived in for perhaps 20 years, moving away from neighbours, families and whole communities.

Under Margaret Thatcher a deception was created to con the people - the whole idea / ethos of the "Right to buy scheme" of council property was going to solve Britain housing shortage - the people we're told "Free market capitalism" would solve all our problems!  

The former city banker and journalist who was given a life peerage by David Cameron & so-called Welfare Reform Minister Lord Freud. Sits in the House of Lords on the odd day - pontificating. Next he's plotting his next attack on benefit claimants at Caxton House, the home of the Department for Work and Pensions.

By next year a new benefit called "Universal Credit", invented by Lord David Freud, Baron Freud,will be in place. The whole concept of the Universal Credit, is to force claimants into any job regardless of pay or hours worked, by increased benefit sanctions, by harassment, forced into workfare, cut backs in housing benefit etc. 

Lord Freud will use a mixture of public relations & down right "Fraud" to deceive the British people, in the wider media, he will try & deceive us on his ideas regarding welfare reform. 

He will tell us it's about "reducing unemployment & empowering us back into work" - Lord Freud is a Fraud ! His welfare reforms are about the demonisation of benefit claimants & the blame game. It is a failure of capitalism in providing jobs & a government who lacks an alternative economic political strategy.

We have a former banker who is advising a government who have presided over the worse economic crisis in decades, bankers have created this whole fiasco, yet we are told - we must PAY !

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants is of the opinion Lord Freud is a classic example of a person who has reached their position using the The Peter Principle - his promotion gained as a banker etc, working his way up cosying up to his business chumps - allowed him to reach the level currently held. Even given a "life peerage" by David Cameron within weeks of gaining office. 

This government cares only about it's millionaire buddies, it will continue to protect & elevate its people to positions of "power" throughout business, government & the House of Lords. We believe Lord Freud & the capitalist class have risen to their level of incompetence - having been promoted well beyond their level of competence. 

These same incompetent individuals continue to preside over a discredited system of capitalism !

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