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Graeme McIver

Graeme currently works as a Support Worker in the Care Sector. He has been National Secretary of Solidarity , Scotland’s Socialist Movement since the formation of the party in 2006 and prior to that was the south of Scotland Regional Organiser for the Scottish Socialist Party. Graeme has been active in national and community politics since the mid 1990’s. He served an apprenticeship and worked for 17 years in the manufacturing industry. Graeme was senior shop-steward and media spokesperson for Viasystems workers who fought to defend their factory from closure in 1998. Graeme was a founding member of Borders Against the Cuts and the Borders Anti-War Coalition.  He works in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders where he lives with his wife and four children. He is a partner in a not-for-profit Social/local history project called Border Voices. His other interests include writing for the Point, reading, volunteering for a local heart charity, helping run a local youth football team, watching Heart of Midlothian Football Club and dealing with his mid-life crisis by going to outdoor music events when he should know better.


Articles by Graeme McIver in The Point


Get up off our knees - - An interview with Paul Heaton here 


Paul Heaton is one of the UK ’s most successful singer-songwriters. He is now pursuing a solo career after enjoying success with The Housemartins and the Beautiful South. “The Point’s” Graeme McIver caught up with Paul on his recent tour to discuss politics, football, cycling, death threats and crisps! 


John Cooper Clarke Interview here 


Graeme McIver interviews one ofBritain’s most enigmatic and mythical cultural figures. Performance poet, wit and raconteur extraordinaire - John Cooper Clarke. 


Hillsborough – The Politics Behind the Smears here 


Whilst the life was being squeezed from supporters in pens 3 and 4, a lie was being born in the control room. A vicious, scandalous, despicable lie that haunted the families, survivors and people of Liverpool for 23 years. 



The Scandal of Low Pay in the Home Care Sector here

Former care worker Graeme McIver argues that the system of home care in this country is at crisis point. Preventing the whole rotten system from crashing down is a thin red line of care workers whose kindness and humanity stand in stark contrast to the ignorance, greed and avarice of those who design and implement policy.



Tony Benn – An Obituaryhere


Speaking late last year Tony Benn said that he did not fear death. This should come as no surprise. During his political life fought for the working class as if he feared nothing. He was an inspiration. His death marks the closing of a chapter in the history of the Labour Movement in Great Britain. Tony Benn was always inspired by the younger generation and the potential for socialist change they presented. He has laid down a challenge not just to look back, but to become inspired to even greater efforts to change society for the benefit of the majority.



What the World is Waiting For - The Stone Roses Live at Glasgow Green here 


There ae few things in life more powerful or enjoyable than the shared experience of live music, watching your favourite band, play your favourite songs surrounded by your best mates punching the air in delight. Graeme McIver braves the showers, flying glass bottles and the out of tune singing to end a 23 year wait to see The Stone Roses on Glasgow



Film Review - Sunshine on Leith here


Graeme McIver hides his season ticket for Tynecastle and takes at look at Dexter Fletcher’s feel good movie of the year. It’s the film that should have been loved. The movie that ought to make his heart fly, so why is it he’s on his way from happiness to misery today…uh ha. (That’s enough corny Proclaimers song references…Ed)



Alex Salmond and The Great Flag Stooshiehere 


Alex Salmond faced the wrath of the media and his political opponents for waving a saltire behind David Cameron at the conclusion of the Wimbledon final. The Point’sGraeme McIver argues that there are much worse examples of politicians wrapping themselves in the national flag that the media chooses to ignore. He believes that there is consensus and crass hypocrisy amongst some of the political class over the UK’s Armed Forces Day celebrations.


So Long – The Musical Legacy of Margaret Thatcher here 


Now that the dings have been donged, we’ve said so long, and the dirt’s been tramped down, The Point’s Graeme McIver assess the cultural legacy left by Margaret Thatcher and takes a look at some of the music and songs she inspired. Get in touch pop pickers, and let us know what your own favourite anti-Thatcher songs Top Ten might look like. 



Don't Celebrate - Organise here 


Graeme McIver looks at the death of Margaret Thatcher and argues that the left should not celebrate but organise to defeat Thatcher’s political legacy.


Life’s on the Line : How the Gambling Industry Targets the Poor here 


Graeme McIver looks at the gambling industry in the UK and how it has targeted the poorest and most deprived areas of our towns and cities 


Why the Fit Can Die Young here 


Health campaigners urge the Scottish Government to have a heart and introduce a proper health screening programme for youngsters involved in sport. 


Do You Hear the People Sing - A Review of Les Misérables here 


The Point sent a rather reluctant Graeme McIver beyond the barricades to review the phenomenon that isLes Misérables as it moves from the theatre onto our cinema screens. Read on and prepared to be dazzled by talk of revolution, deism and Russell Crowe’s dodgy singing. Les Mis, the film so good Graeme went to see it twice…  




Around the Blogs – a journey around the left blogs and 


In a new, regular feature forThe Point, Graeme McIver highlights some interesting and controversial articles currently doing the rounds in the newspapers, left wing blogs and political websites  




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