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For 1917 and 2017: A few lines of defiance and hope - from a bedroom in Scotland to the World


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Ten million voices know what is wrong

                                      Ten million solutions for putting it right

                                      And a billion eyes see encroaching night


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Young woman in Dresden with sullied hijab

                                      Teacher in Mosul, burnt, tortured, and stabbed

                                      Are the bombs that fall here

                                      Better than the bombs that fall there?


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Blue sky, new sky, no longer our true sky

                                      Green Plains turn,

                                      Dry, dry, dry...

                                      Choking dust deserts, drowning floods rise

                                      We might have done something

                                      But it’s no surprise, no surprise…


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Time, again, and now: children cry in their sleep

                                      Mares of the darkness to make a cyborg weep

                                      All they have known turned to wind-blown ash

                                      In the final, brilliant, plutonium flash


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      The peasants

                                      Still queue at the gargoyled gate

                                      Poor and white in Bristol,

                                      Poor and black in Washington State

                                      And who shall they rage at?  

                                      And who shall they hate?


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Five decades since promises of jet packs and space

                                      Forwards! Backwards! Forwards!

                                      With this cantankerous human race

                                      No simple solutions, no rest, or easy grace


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      Gallus folk fight that their nation be reborn

                                      To free their eagles, their kelpies, their strange unicorn

                                      A defeat doesn’t leave a dream

                                      Shattered, ended or torn…


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…


                                      The Lass fae Niddrie, the boy from Benin,

                                      Bullied New Yorker, Old man in Beijing

                                      At wit’s end, longing

                                      For all manner of things


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy


                                      Who owns the trains? Who owns the planes?

                                      Who owns the screens where we play our games?

                                      Who owns the banks? Who owns the tanks?

                                      The hollow places for submissive thanks?


                                      Nobody ever said it would be easy…



                                      For you and I, and yours and ours,

                                      And those who raise the shield

                                      The future’s no’ yet ower

                                      Don’t dare you bow or cower

                                      Before the weapons that they wield


                                      Gather up your armour,

                                      Once more take the bloodied field

                                      With wearied heart, and aching limb

                                      Deny, defy, expose the lie

                                      That only they create the real.


                                      You are not a single mind

                                      The days to come are not yet sealed

                                      Fight on, fight on, and you will find

                                      A million hearts will with you strive

                                      For the right of all

                                      To be true…and alive!


                                      Remake this Earth for all humankind!

                                      Rebuild it as a Common Weal!

                                      You must not yield

                                      You will not yield

                                      To the Lords of Capital

                                      Or any Man of Steel!


                                     But nobody ever said it would be easy…


Steve Arnott



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Steve’s novel, Pilot of the Storm, First of ‘The Star King’s Proxy’ trilogy, is also available to buy or rent at…

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